Please support our fundraising efforts by purchasing a copy of Elephants & Albidas

Special Limited Edition – $100 – Available in January 2018.


Zimbabwean photographer, Gregg Robinson, together with a small team, has created a large format, coffee table book that captures the beauty and wonder of the elephants of the Zambezi Valley. He hopes, through this publication, to delight, inform and spread an important message of collaborative conservation. Included in the book are wildlife sketches from well known fellow Zimbabwean Gareth Hook. Along with Gregg’s stunning photography the reader will be treated to interesting insights, descriptions and narration on the valley and its giant inhabitants.

Proceeds from the sale of Elephants & Albidas will go toward the Zambezi Elephant Fund’s anti-poaching efforts. Email to place your order. 


“Thank you for your interest in what promises to be more than a coffee table decoration; Elephants & Albidas will communicate beauty, pathos and history, as well as positivity and hope. Consider it an investment – not just in a collectible piece of art, but also in a sustainable future for our natural heritage.” Gregg Robinson

More double page spreads from Elephants & Albidas