Give a gift that the world will thank you for!

Rather than giving the usual conventional gifts this holiday season, why not consider giving a gift that will help protect and preserve one of the world’s greatest living creatures, the magnificent African elephant?

In the Zambezi Valley in Zimbabwe, one of the continent’s last remaining strongholds, we are now losing elephants at an alarming rate to poaching. Unless we do something now, elephants will certainly disappear forever.

The elephant is a beloved and iconic species, and the idea of it vanishing from the planet and the lives of future generations is unimaginable.

The Zambezi Elephant Fund (ZEF) is an umbrella organisation working collaboratively with Zimbabwe Parks Authority along with NGOs and the private sector to establish real needs and priorities to harness synergies and develop, implement and manage anti-poaching operations. (Read more about the Zambezi Elephant Fund here)

It takes just a few minutes to dedicate a donation towards this important work on someone else’s behalf – and to let them know about your special gift. Elephants are sentient beings and their family structures are very similar to ours. It’s that time of year when friends and families come together – and what better way to honour that than helping the elephant families of the Zambezi Valley in Zimbabwe. 

Your dedication:

  • Can be made in honour of a loved one
  • Can be made easily and quickly online
  • Is tax deductible
  • Is more important now than ever before

How will your gift make a difference?

  • The Zambezi Elephant Fund requires help in areas such as –
  • supporting the rangers that protect elephants, through training, rations, weapons, equipment and field gear
  • surveillance, operations & monitoring equipment, deployment vehicles, fuel and
  • administration

Your dedication will make a real difference in these and other areas of anti-poaching efforts in the Zambezi Valley.