To our special safari friends – we need your help!

John will be in the United States in September this year on an important fundraising mission to help save the elephants of the Zambezi Valley.

Poaching remains an enormous problem in this area and, as you know, the Zambezi Elephant Fund, which John started along with a small group of passionate individuals and organisations, has made some progress with various supportive and protective measures. It is also thanks to the incredible support from our donors that we continue to work against poaching in the Zambezi Valley and Mana Pools, in particular.

Now, John is taking the opportunity, with the kind hospitality and support of friends in the States, to give a series of talks and presentations about the Zambezi Valley elephants.

Talk dates thus far:

      • Jackson, Wyoming: 11th September 2016
      • Chicago, Illinois: Sunday 18 September 2016
      • Austin, Texas: Tuesday 20 September 2016
      • New York: Wednesday 28 September 2016

Everyone in the world has a stake in conserving elephants. Here are two ways that you can help us today:

1. Advise John ASAP if you or anyone you know lives in or near Jackson, Chicago, Austin or New York so that we can add you/them to the invitation list.

2. If you know of people who love elephants as we do, or have any fundraising ideas or contacts that may be useful, please share at your earliest convenience.

We are relying on our friends to make this a success! Thank you for your friendship – and thank you in advance for your assistance.