For just over a year now, the Zambezi Elephant Fund has been operational and fully supported by safari friends, government organisations, fellow conservation groups both in Zimbabwe and abroad, parks authority, Mana Pools operators, photographers and valley visitors.

If you are inspired by the great and tireless work that various collaborating organisations are doing to help save the elephants in Zimbabwe, we hope you’ll also think about supporting these efforts. We think you’ll agree that the formation of the collaborative Zambezi Elephant Fund has raised awareness levels of poaching in the Zambezi Valley and is helping to bring together the many individuals and organisations that are working tirelessly to put a stop to the bloodshed.

Funding from individuals like you has already helped with the implementation of a rangers’ base station at Nyakasikana Gate at Mana Pools… a report from the Tashinga Initiative Trust, which has been instrumental in the implementation, follows.

“Very good progress is being made with the Nyakasikana Gate Anti-poaching Base Project, currently being built by a collaborative effort of stakeholder safari operators and NGOs operating in Lower Zambezi Valley and the kind funding/donations of our supporters. The container has arrived on site, and is situated for its role at the base as a main storeroom. Sincere thanks to Carguard for sponsoring the fitting out of the container – looking excellent!"


“Sincere thanks to Bushlife Safaris and colleagues for its facilitation and networking, resulting in donated sand, and to Dave England for his truck, to Alaska Dolomite for excellent low prices for the stone and its donation of sand fill. Thanks to Andries Scholtz for the use of his two trailers. Thanks to Bushlife Safaris for the 400kg donation of mealie meal to rangers currently based at the gate, and on call 24 hours a day.”  

"Potable water is in place and is stored in two large tanks on stands; the container fitted out as a storeroom is also in place on a slab; slabs for ablution blocks and a kitchen have been laid and are ready to receive the Chromadek Z-Imba buildings; trenching is speeding ahead as a result of torrential rain falling at the same time as the digging; the Rukomechie river is flowing strongly, bank to bank, there are lions in camp, and elephant at the shower!"


Today, we’re asking you to make a contribution towards the completion of this worthy project, which will ensure that anti-poaching rangers have a comfortable and well-located base from which to deploy. The Zambezi Elephant Fund, working in collaboration with Tashinga Initiative Trust, requires another USD30,000 to finalise the Nyakasikana Anti-poaching Base. Every USD100 helps! Please donate here.


A group of private individuals, many of whom have safari backgrounds, have joined forces to go into the valley on a voluntary and rotational basis, primarily to deploy and support anti-poaching teams/rangers. They use their own time (4/5 days in each time, sometimes once or twice a month) and resources, including vehicles, to do this important work on the ground – and would be grateful for any help towards the purchase/sponsorship of a new or second-hand 4×4 vehicle. If you are able to help in any way, please get hold of us!

“If you’re interested in doing more for the Zambezi Elephant Fund (ZEF), we are able to provide you with information and ideas on how to set up your own ZEF fundraising efforts.”

By becoming a fundraising partner of the Zambezi Elephant Fund you will play an important part in ensuring the future of these incredible creatures.
Get colleagues, friends and family in on the act, too!

Some ideas include holding a fun run, football match, golf day or cycle race, hosting a coffee morning, quiz night, auction event, film evening or clothes swapping party.

We can provide you with a brochure and donation forms. You will be acknowledged on our Conservation Partners page – and your efforts, if you wish, featured in future Zambezi Elephant Fund newsletters.

Please help spread the word and the efforts! 
If you’re interested in finding out more about how you can become a ZEF partner fundraiser, please write to info@zambezielephantfund.org.



Spread the word.

Send this newsletter to your colleagues, friends and family, so they can sign up for future ZEF newsletters and keep up to date with anti-poaching efforts.

Book a safari for 2017.

Join John Stevens on the trip of a lifetime to “Meet the Elephants of the Zambezi Valley”. Please contact Laura or Nicci and we’ll be happy to put it together. Proceeds from this safari will go towards the Zambezi Elephant Fund. We’ll be covering this exciting trip in more detail in our next newsletter.

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