Welcome, James and Amy, to the herd!

In the four years since Zambezi Elephant Fund (ZEF) was formed, it has evolved steadily and naturally along with the beautiful, wild landscapes it protects.

With this in mind, and to achieve our stated vision, ZEF’s diversity of skills and knowledge is growing.

Richard Maasdorp, whom many of you will know as ZEF’s founding administrator, is stepping sideways to focus more on visionary and strategic implementation work; to bring to fruition a Lower Zambezi Landscape Plan, to strengthen existing relationships with mainstream conservation organisations and government policy makers, and to help reinforce the effectiveness of our implementing partners.

James Egremont-Lee takes over from Richard in the team management role on a regular, part-time basis and Amy Wolton is committed to focus on project management and proposal writing, also on a regular, part-time basis.

Following a childhood in England, James pursued a life of adventure in Africa with a keen focus on wildlife and conservation. A professional safari guide and environmentalist, he works with corporates and businesses, optimising sustainability, impact investment and promoting protection of habitat.

Amy was born in Zimbabwe and grew up in Australia. After completing her Bachelor of Science, majoring in both conservation biology and zoology, her love for Africa brought Amy back to her birthplace where she spent the last few years working in Zimbabwe’s south-eastern lowveld.

Other members in the core team include John and Nicci Stevens, who are co-founders, Laura Taylor – marketing and branding – who has also been alongside us since the inception of ZEF, Jazzy Shipman – programmes management and lead on this year’s Central Park Run and Richard Calder on accounts.

With these exciting additions to a strong team, ZEF is charting a course for positive growth in an ever-evolving conservation landscape. The thread that weaves us all tightly together is a strong belief in utilizing on-the-ground local skills and talent and the unique and game-changing power of collaboration.