The Zambezi Elephant Fund is grateful to the following conservation organisations who continue to support the anti-poaching work in the Zambezi Valley.

  • Animal welfare
  • Snare sweeps and removal 
  • Parks logistical support
  • Weapons training
  • Wildlife crime prevention 
  • Deployment vehicles
  • Parks logistical support 
Tashinga Initiative Logo.jpeg
BSU Logo.jpeg
  • Parks logistical support
  • Wildlife crime prevention 


  • Communications technology
  • Ranger infrastructure
  • Ranger welfare
  • Training  
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MAPP Logo.png
  • Wildlife crime prevention
  • Parks logistical support
  • Deployement vechilce and boat 
  • Aerial surveillance
  • Wildlife monitoring
  • Wildlife operations 

Community Based Conservation Alliance 

  • Community engagement
  • Support for orphans and schools

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