June 2017 Newsletter

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Let’s hear many voices for Mana Pools and beyond!   With your help, we hope to tell stories that are personal, home-grown and far-reaching. THEME: Winter’s approach: If you have ever been moved by the various moods and seasons of … Continued

March 2017 Newsletter

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Joining Forces to Protect the World’s Second Largest Elephant Population As the Zambezi Elephant Fund Coordinator I’m pleased to bring you this update of our achievements and plans going forward. The Zambezi Elephant Fund (ZEF) has been doing what it … Continued

November 2016 Newsletter 2

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When John and Nicci Stevens decided to take the Zambezi Elephant Fund’s urgent cry for anti-poaching help to America in September 2016, they were not prepared for the incredible support and encouragement they received along the way, from their generous … Continued

November 2016 Newsletter

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Give a gift that the world will thank you for Rather than giving the usual conventional gifts this holiday season, why not consider giving a gift that will help protect and preserve one of the world’s greatest living creatures, the … Continued

July 2016 Newsletter

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  Save the date! John is coming to the USA for the Zambezi Elephants! To our special safari friends – we need your help! John will be in the United States in September this year on an important fundraising mission … Continued

March 2016 Newsletter

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What will you do for wildlife in 2016? For just over a year now, the Zambezi Elephant Fund has been operational and fully supported by safari friends, government organisations, fellow conservation groups both in Zimbabwe and abroad, parks authority, Mana … Continued

December 2015 Newsletter

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“The question is are we happy to suppose that our grandchildren may never be able to see an elephant except in a picture book?” David Attenborough Without urgent action to save their species, elephants could be gone from the wild … Continued

Sebungwe Elephant Management Plan Workshop

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(Extract Workshop Proceedings, (I. Games June 2015)) This workshop, funded by Conservation Force, (USA),  produced a sub-regional Action Plan for the Sebungwe Elephant population that was based on the Strategic Elephant Conservation Policy and Management Plan Framework of December 2014.  It … Continued

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